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MUA Challenge Time to vote

I had a few phone calls and text that they couldn’t wait for this day to finally come. The MUA challenge. This all started out because Ashley & Yvette wanted to do something fun. They recruited our new make up artist Ademarie Cruz, and she was such a great sport. All the kids were in the studio watching in amazement and my granddaughter Ellie had no issues with stepping into the game. She was born with a camera in her face so not a shy bone in her body. Hence the MUA competition/ kids edition was born. At the end of the video you will see a link on the upper right hand corner to allow you to vote for your favorite Artist. At the 4 minute mark you will see a link to vote. Since the trailer a

You are all invited!

Its finally happening May 4th The artists of 305 Knowlton Street (yeah I'm in there too) cordially invite you to experience their very first collective art show and pop up shop of 2018. The building is officially full! Join us in celebration of a full house, art, creative spaces, collectives and inspiration! Light refreshments and wine will be served. A small works raffle and pop up shop and more! Come and mingle with the artists. We look forward to seeing you there! FREE ADMISSION Marlene Hernandez and I share a studio on the 2nd floor of this artistic empire. I'm telling you there is no way to walk out of the studio uninspired. ZaiPhotography will be displaying her favorite pieces in th

The colorful Mommy and Me

There is so much to share about this session. First let me introduce you to Elaine the brains behind the business “Tutu Maria”, if you don’t follow her on social media, take a moment to look her up and hit like, and follow. She provides the entire collection of tutu’s we use for our Annual Mommy and Me sessions. People are always reluctant to sign up for a session during winter. Believe it or not this is done in the spring; however it snowed that morning which is why we worked in the snow. It was about 40 degrees out that evening and the snow was melting. The color powder is the same powder used in the festivals of Holi. They are extremely bright and I was ecstatic that Elaine was willing t

MUA Challenge

There is absolutely nothing more fascinating than seeing the little ones watch in amazement. I’m a big believer in encouraging children to chase their dreams. Ellie is only two years old and she walked straight over to me tugged on my shirt while I was taking photos pointed to the make up then put her finger on her eyelid. There is a special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. Her mom said, “She wants to put on make up”. I said, “No she wants to be the star of the next episode” and how could I say no. The little girl has my heart captive. Ashley of Beauty by Ashley Delgado and Yvette Garcia both wanted to do something exciting and fell in love with the bohemian look. All we ne

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