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MUA Challenge

There is absolutely nothing more fascinating than seeing the little ones watch in amazement.

I’m a big believer in encouraging children to chase their dreams. Ellie is only two years old and she walked straight over to me tugged on my shirt while I was taking photos pointed to the make up then put her finger on her eyelid. There is a special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. Her mom said, “She wants to put on make up”. I said, “No she wants to be the star of the next episode” and how could I say no. The little girl has my heart captive.

Ashley of Beauty by Ashley Delgado and Yvette Garcia both wanted to do something exciting and fell in love with the bohemian look. All we needed was a make up artist to make it happen. At first it was hard to find one, as all of our favorite artists were packed with weddings. This is when I was introduced Ademarie Cruz. Her Instagram feed had me sold and not only is she talented but accepted being filmed with Ellie. And Ellie loved her.

This will be an episode that twenty years from now I will be watching and smiling about. She was my model for the first twelve months, and now she stands at my feet while I take photos and at times fixes my models, or demands that I retake the photo the way she wants it done. I already see her confidence in photography. I better step up my game before she steals my business.

With that said, let me introduce a preview of our MUA Challenge. It didn’t start that way, but I love it too much not to share it, and I hope you enjoy it. It makes me so happy they had fun that day.

I am working on the full episode now and it will air April 27th, so you can cast your votes for your favorite Make up artist.

Model: Yvette Garcia

Location: 305 Knowlton Art Studios

Hairstylist: Ashley of Beauty by Ashly Delgado

Make up Artist: Ademarie Cruz vs. Make up Artist: Ellie Love Torres

Oh, and since we talked about Ellie’s first year lets put that here too.

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