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The Softball Princess Sweet 16

LOVE THAT QUOTE! Because you will never know how great you are, till you play!

Meet Mikayla, the "Sweet 16" Princess of the weekend.

When Shantai, her mom, called me and said Mikayla was an athlete and played Softball, and wanted to incorporate it into her photo's; I did not hesitate to make it happen. Before we started shooting, I already envisioned this photo in my mind and I am so PROUD OF IT!

The party was literally yesterday and I couldn't wait to share these photos.

I met Mikayla yesterday and the first thing she said was, "I don't really know how to do photos" My response, "No worries, that's my job, your job is just to have fun" and we sure enough did.

We went to her local softball field, then finished off at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford to finish off her modeling session.

BUT! I was so impressed with all the little details of the party, I had to showcase that as well.

Venue: The Fairchild Room at Vazzy's 19th Hole

Treats by: Family Friends Cynthia and Ganelle Hernandez @cyntfully_sweets

Custom Mask: David Delgado of Bold & Graphic

Decorations: Tamisha Richards of Uniquely T's Creations

Photos: Zaibel Torres of ZaiPhotography

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