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How I capture Families

Good morning everyone, Meet Nathi and Rueben. I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful family and I figured I would share how I did it. Scroll down to see my video explaining the process and my 5 go-to tips in capturing a family session. My Tips for Family photography outdoors I position the sun behind my subject and rely on my flashpoint light and octabox to light them up. Fill up all those harsh shadows. The family session is not about making the parents happy, its about the little ones who you know will not cooperate. In this session, it's about the baby. In all family sessions, it is going to be about the youngest of the bunch. Finding her comfort zone, capturing her smiles and mo

Skull candy

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this blog with you. I have been on trying to find the ideal Monolight for months. This is a big deal as sometimes it's a one women show, so I really need to make travel efficient and finding the perfect light was quite the challenge, but I think I found my new love. After some careful review, I chose the Flashpoint Xplor 300 Pro. Adorama had a great deal on an entire kit. And of course, I had to test it out, so I called my talented friend Emily Lopez to do a photoshoot using the new system. The search started because Miguel said, "Zai, its time we step up our game and invest in a good lighting system" and also because I have a few weddings in the fa

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