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COMPlexions II

Even with the downpour of rain so many people came out to the COMplexions show and I just want to say thank you for joining us. I know many of you saw the behind the scenes video of our session and have been patiently waiting to see the finished product. But before you scroll down to see the images I do want to share about one particular image in the show. It's special to me: I titled it God's image and let me explain why. Morgan came out to model and we had a great time with glitter and colored powder but when she got up from the floor this was the image left on the paper. It was so captivating I had to take a picture of it. Once home I sat at the computer and began editing. But the more I

Loving my skin

Just think about this phrase, “I love my skin”. When people find out I am a photographer they often end conversations with, “I will call you when I am ready for photos, I have to get fit first”. And this is where my speech begins. I was thin back in the day and funny enough I was not one of those people who appreciated my body, I wasn’t even content with it. I felt I was awkwardly shaped. Then I had kids and I felt even more awkward. So I avoided being in photos, in fear of what people would say if they saw my body. That’s a truth bomb right there! You can deny it, but I know many of you have felt exactly the same way. Then years past and I became a gym rat and although I was the fittest I h

COMplexion show 04/26/19

This will be my first year participating in the COMplexion show and I guess my excitement behind the project resonated with the coordinators that they asked me to get involved and of course I took a step back and said, HECK YEAH! This is the second year and I know it will be an annual event for everyone to look forward too. Its a Collection of Visual art Celebrating people of Color! The artist who are contributing to the show are just mind blowing good so I was extremely honored to submit a piece into the show. As a matter of fact I think the piece I am submitting will surprise people. I was literally stopped in my tracks in the midst of shooting and what I saw "spoke to me". I soooo want to

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