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COMplexion show 04/26/19

This will be my first year participating in the COMplexion show and I guess my excitement behind the project resonated with the coordinators that they asked me to get involved and of course I took a step back and said,


This is the second year and I know it will be an annual event for everyone to look forward too. Its a Collection of Visual art Celebrating people of Color! The artist who are contributing to the show are just mind blowing good so I was extremely honored to submit a piece into the show. As a matter of fact I think the piece I am submitting will surprise people. I was literally stopped in my tracks in the midst of shooting and what I saw "spoke to me". I soooo want to tell you now, but you will just have to come and see it in person. You have to experience it. But I did do a video (of course) of my art in action. There are so many hints in that video, I wonder if you can guess what I am going to plug in to the show. Leave a comment with a guess.

Be sure to register for the event HERE

See my preview and scroll below for the flyer listing all the amazing artist and SHARE SHARE SHARE!

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