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The Tree of Life

Meet the very stunning mommy to be for baby number four, Ashley. She decided to celebrate by hiring Alicia of Artsimplicated to paint the tree of life and Alicia referred her over to me to capture the moment with a creative maternity session. I could not wait to share but first thing first, I had to google the Tree of life and it directed me to the baobab tree in Africa and this is what I learned.

There is an old African proverbs that says,

“Wisdom is like a baobab tree, no one individual can embrace it”

The Baobab tree grows tall and strong and can live for thousands of years. It is the life source for many animals in Madagascar. Some grew so large and wide that if the tree had a cavity in it people would find shelter in it. Legend has it that if you drink the water that sprouts from the tree, you will have incredible strength and the alligators will run from you.

The baobab tree grows in dry area but can withstand anything, obviously. No one, who plants a baobab tree, will see its end, but maybe their great great great great grandchildren will. If the tree could speak, I could imagine the stories it would tell.

After my research I found it to be so fitting to describe motherhood. Mothers can withstand anything for their offspring, and are a shelter for her babies when life’s storms hit. And the wisdom that pours through a mothers love, especially a God fearing mother, will be counsel passed for generations.

I love gardening, and I love the excitement that comes from planting vegetables and waiting for the harvest to enjoy them. But there are some seeds that we will plant that we will never see the fruit of in our lifetime, but our sacrifice in planting them will ensure that the next generation will find the security they need in theirs.

Can I take a moment an encourage you? The fight to be whoever God called you to be, the sacrifice that comes with it, will outlive your lifetime. Keep going.

Body Artist Alicia Cobb of

MUA Kimberly Price

Photography by Zaibel Torres of ZaiPhotography

Location The Knowlton


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