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Set yourself apart

We all have different styles, techniques and preferences. And that is OK; that is what makes the world so beautiful. Everyone is different and your photos should say that about you. They should say who you are, what you like, where you have been, what you have conquered, what you have failed and how different you are. When you look through your timeline of photos or if your like me and have printed photo albums they should take you back to a time and place, and if they are a really great memory it should trigger your brain to bring back that nostalgic smell of the moment. Does that only happen to me? You have seen my color shoots, my smoke bombs, the light writing, but now with great advance

More than Sweet 16

First Sweet 16 of the year and you wouldn't believe the beautiful details of the event. I had to write a post and keep you informed as you might want to call upon all the services that this team has to offer. I was impressed with all the small details that were captured and I enjoyed capturing Daniella's smile through it all. She was not only celebrating her sweet 16 but she was filled with such pride of what her family professionally pulled together for her special day. Below are a few of her gallery images starting with her modeling session in the fall and ending with her amazing party details this past January. Keep smiling Daniella as it lights up a room! List of Vendors Make up artist-

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