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You’re never too old to be young

This is my mom, she has been a widow for almost 20 years and is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. I’m not saying that because she is my mom, ask anyone who knows her. A few months ago she recieved a Facebook message from Ken who is a widower as well. He was looking to reconnect with family and sought my mom’s help in finding his grandson Anthony, who is also my mom’s grandson. Little did he know that he would fall in love with her. They went from lunch dates to spending every moment together and when they are not together they are on the phone together. My mom is 75 years old and I have never seen her act like a school girl with butterflies. She is not one to make a fuss about an

Broken places

This was something I posted on Facebook but never on the blog. its very old but it spoke to me today. So here it is. Very few people are willing to walk into the broken places. But that's where real beauty is found. In the brokenness. Where the reality is not hidden behind the glitter and glam. Where the pain and suffering is not masked by decorations. It's where you find what's real, it's where you find the truth of the matter. It's in brokenness you find a willingness for restoration, in brokenness you find need, desire, and unlimited potential. It's in brokenness where you find the beginning of the journey. It's where it all starts. We all hide behind glitter, glam and masks; never allow

Hello Fall love

Say hello to Jocelyn and David and their pinterest worthy gallery. Jocelyn and David will be getting married in 2020 and said yes to ZaiPhotography for their photography services. I am so pleased with the results of their session, we only spent an hour in the vineyard and I am positive you will see how much fun it was while viewing. This couple was so adventurous as well. On our way to Gouveia Vineyards we saw this antique rusted truck on the side of the road that I could not get out of my head. It just fit the theme of the photos that Jocelyn wanted for her engagement session. So I mentioned it to them and they were more than willing to end the session literally taking photos next to this

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