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Broken places

This was something I posted on Facebook but never on the blog. its very old but it spoke to me today. So here it is.

Very few people are willing to walk into the broken places. But that's where real beauty is found. In the brokenness. Where the reality is not hidden behind the glitter and glam. Where the pain and suffering is not masked by decorations. It's where you find what's real, it's where you find the truth of the matter. It's in brokenness you find a willingness for restoration, in brokenness you find need, desire, and unlimited potential. It's in brokenness where you find the beginning of the journey. It's where it all starts.

We all hide behind glitter, glam and masks; never allowing anyone into these dark places of our hearts. And truth be told very few will knock on that door looking to be invited in with good intentions. It's scary to allow someone to walk in. The possibility of them knowing the truth of who you really are and being dreadfully scared will only break you more.

But one day someone special walks in and looks at the shattered glass that was once the windows of your soul; the floor that caved beneath your feet that left you walking without trust; the graffiti on the walls of those who vandalized what you once stood for and He will say , "what a beautiful piece of art let me work with it, I love it all"! He will change Your perspective. He will show you the water dripping from your roof that brought life to the garden you thought was in the wrong place. He will show you the light that pours through the broken windows and every time after you will see how captivating it is. Wouldn't you run to the door if you knew he was coming?

You might find the photo artistic but I see a message. Ministry isn't pretty, it's broken and it's downright beautiful. I'm privileged to know a God who will visit my dark room and yet call me a work of art the way I do to these buildings in my photographs. Just an amazing work of art.

Everyone deserves that type of love. But my God is a gentleman He won't enter unless invited in. I promise you, if you open the door to Jesus, He will make good of your mess and you will find the beginning of Hope. The journey is amazing don't let fear hold you from it.


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