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What is "too girly?"

People tend to shy away from colors that identify a particular sex. I think Pink is one of those colors that gets a bad rep. Someone said to me recently, “it’s too girly”. What does that mean? How can you be too girly? When did we get levels to our feminism? When did being a girl become the lesser valued sex? When did it become a negative mark against us? What kind of message are we sending to the next generation of girls? Love who you are ladies. Listen, there are tough girls, there are girls who are sensitive, and there are girls who are smack in between. They are ALL girls, different, but ALL girls. And I am not sure when Pink became the gender color choice for females but I wear it l

Planning a 1st Birthday?

First birthday's are a big deal. Rightfully so! So I figured I write a blog about what's involved in a cake smash. This is Gabriel's first birthday and his theme is a jungle theme. Now I know people think I have all the props but that would mean I had a warehouse to store them all. Honestly, I tell all the parents to bring in their party decorations for the session. Keeps me clutter free and each session has a unique flair. First we start with a simple back drop for photos of the baby all dressed up in their Sunday's finest. This is where I usually invite mom and dad to jump in on a few. Then after a few minutes of photos and the baby has warmed up to the session we change into the official

Snow Hike Photography

Hi everyone, It has truly been a while since I updated you, and truth be told I was feeling a little blah. I had a million ideas running through my head and I could not for the life of me get on anyone’s schedule. I think I have exhausted my family with my creative adventures. After all who told them to have separate lives outside of my creative twist? For those of you who don’t know, I have a YouTube account, which documents my photography adventures. I don’t have a lot up there but what I do have is enough to impress me. There is a mix of old videos that I refuse to get rid of because it shows how much I have grown in photography . It’s a mix of projects I have done for my church, my fri

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