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A Jesus loving Purity Princess

We were having girl talk at Harbor View Cafe when I asked Kimani how old she was. She responded so proudly, "I'm 23 but only a year old as a Jesus loving Purity Princess". Twenty three and she wears her faith on her sleeve. I know of many who are "believers" but keep their beliefs silent. Not Kimani, she is not boastful about it either, she's just a genuine person out to love and help people. She wanted to Celebrate her birthday this year differently and asked if a photoshoot with her girls was possible. All I could think of was our chat about how old she was and it clicked in my head. "Kimani, how about a cake smash like a one year old". Little did I know the extent she would take it. Like

The Proposal

This weekend was full of surprises. This particular session was one of them. With that said, I had to write a blog post and share the details of "The Proposal". You know a man wants to make it special when he enlist his girlfriend...excuse me, fiancé's closest friends. From what I heard it started with an excited group text that in a matter of 24 hours turned out to be a very well thought out and planned proposal that all of their loved ones were present to witness. They even managed to call me and reserve me to capture this romantic moment. I met with Ruben at Gouveia Vineyards and his mind was set at proposing by the pond. Meanwhile Nathi, Ruben's love, was tired from a very long shift at

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