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Hi everyone,

There are three links in this Blog that tells you what is going on and why I need your help.

All the videos I captured myself so you can see the need, the living conditions and the people involved. Every year my husband and I donate one week of our vacation to missions. This year we are going back to the Dominican Republic. Joey and I reach into our own pockets for the expense of this trip but we this year we need your help. See the below links for an explanation of why.


Here is the video we captured on our trip in 2017

This is where your money goes. We leave August 3rd

Giving is not just about making a donation, its about making a difference.

Will you help us?


Below is a gallery of our 2017 trip, it starts with a photo of Dr. Cristina and you will see photos of us combing through the children's hair as there was a recent situation of lice in the village, as well as the living conditions.


You can also mail a check directly to 258 Harriet St. Made payable to "IBE" please reference missions on the memo line. If you made a donation, please leave me a note as I would love to send you a copy of this years mission video. I want you to know where your money went.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart Thank you.

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