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What's a sitter session & why its important to capture.

Hi all, I get this question often and this blog is long overdue. So without further ado, simply put, a sitter session is a photo session for babies who can sit up on their own. These sessions usually take place around six to nine months and are loads of fun for parents to see how much their little one has changed in just a few months. Unlike a newborn, a six-month-old will begin to show off their personality with loads of smiles. Once a baby is confidently sitting up there is much more opportunity for different kinds of photographs, and they are so much fun as you will laugh so much while in the session.

We’ll see more of your baby’s personality in the photographs

Around the time when babies can confidently sit up we also start to see lots more of their personality and confidence. After all these babies are getting stronger and learning to crawl. It's a milestone! Babies of this age are usually more comfortable to interact with strangers too – they haven’t yet become shy around people they don’t know. And this means they’re happy to with me in the studio while I capture lots of wonderful expressions – from big gummy smiles to long, serious stares.

What If My Baby Is not sitting up for a Sitter Session?

The first year with a baby is such a whirlwind, and for many parents their baby is past this sitter stage when they start to think about having professional photographs taken. So does that mean it’s too late for a shoot?

Absolutely not. In fact, many photographers including me offer baby photo shoots for a wider age range – not just this ‘sitting but not mobile’ stage.

The differences you might find are:

  • If your baby is not yet sitting when you schedule your shoot you may find that the variety of photographs is not as large as you would have if you wait until they’re sitting confidently.

  • If your baby is already on the move you may find the shoot takes a little longer as they will likely want to move around more, explore and satisfy their curiosity during the shoot!

The baby is the boss!

Most parents call me wanting a particular vision and Krystal and I will work hard to make it happen, but lets keep in mind that some visions are sensory overload for a baby and once the baby is upset; its tough to get great images. It's usually at this point where we will go with what we learned from the baby. For example some babies don't like the tub, so we will pull out one of our favorite chairs and swap the tub out. I know mommy had her heart set on the tub, but if the baby doesn't like it then its going to be a chair.


Im always posting images on our social media channel to help inspire the parents. For example we had one little guy whose daddy owned a pizzeria so we had to do something pizza related. Incorporate a little of mom and a little of dad into the session. Then there is my granddaughter, Hailey Rose who inspired the "Rose shoot" which we have done a few times since then.

Keep in mind that most creative sessions require some shopping, so plan ahead. You get the idea. Now all you have to do is go to our website and book your session.

Here are some cuties to inspire your next vision call with ZaiPhotography.


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