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How to capture a Milk Bath session

Here is another How-to video with some great tips and tricks.

Meet my little sister Ashley who happens t be an extremely talented makeup artist, be sure to follow her Instagram page.

I told Ashley I wanted to capture another "How to" video but I wanted it to be colorful and fun to watch and she made it happen.

I picked up the flowers and goodies and went to Ashley's house and put all my favorite munchkins to work by cutting off the heads of the flowers and I had dad slice up some grapefruit.

Follow Ashley's YouTube Channel for a tutorial for this specific look.

By the way this is real life not Hollywood. We are working in a tiny bathroom amongst all the kids running around.

Tip #1

Strap your camera around your neck as you will be shooting from above. Make sure to make any adjustments necessary to your strap, you don't want to drop your camera on your client or in the bathtub.

Tip #2

Fill up the bathtub with warm water as the milk will really cool it down and it's not fun being ice cold, or too hot as that will create those little sweat beads on the nose that you will have to edit out later.

Tip #3

When people think of Milk baths they think of flowers, there is so much more to work with. Have fun with it. In this session we used flowers and grapefruit for the first set, then we moved to cookies. Because who doesn't love milk and cookies? Then we went to cereal; again because when you buy milk, it's usually for your cereal so it made perfect sense.

Tip #4

Start with the items that are easy to use. We started with the flowers as we knew it would be easy to remove. Then we learned the hard way that Peperidge Farm chocolate chip cookies get soggy instantly and they do not float, so we had to improvise utilizing Ashley's hands to incorporate the photos. And lastly, we went to the cereal. Always leave the messiest last. Fruity Pebbles cereal always turns the milk pink.

Tip #5

Lighting- Of course! I have a strobe light bouncing light off the wall onto Ashley softly, to avoid harsh shadows but really light up Ashley in a way that showcases her artwork.

And to conclude, clean up! Cereal and Glitter, as I have used glitter in the past, get all over the bath tub. Try to scoop it out of the milk bath before draining the tub.

Here are a few of the shots of Ashley's session. Be sure to follow her youtube page as she has a tutorial on how she put together this vibrant colorful look.

#milkbathphotography #zaiphotography #Cerealphotography

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