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This is us! 50 years

I met Carmen Plumey on the day of our session, I was hired by their daughter Yolanda who said I would love her parents; and sure enough I do. I knew from the moment I met her she already envisioned how this session was going to play out, and how the images were going to look. And like magic we were discussing her vision like two school girls. Me: Carmen, if you tell me what you want I will make it happen. Carmen: You know what I envision? Me: Please tell me Carmen: Well I am going to tell you what I want. I want a picture where my husband grabs me and dips me and kisses me passionately like they do in the 'novelas' (with her Spanish accent) Me: (Full Smile) Let's do it! Carmen clasped her ha

Mr & Mrs Alfonso

How they met Meet Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso. I actually had the honor of being present the day Julio met Krystal. Julio is a longtime friend and Krystal is my little cousin. I had planned a girl’s trip to Miami that literally ended up being the kind of story you could make a comedy movie about. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong, yet it went so right, if that makes any sense. The shuttle at the airport arrived late and on the wrong side of the airport so we had to run through JFK to arrive in Miami exhausted and find one of our pieces of luggage was devoured by a conveyor belt at the Miami airport. We made it to Miami and our girl trip was about to begin. It was my sister Marla, my co

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