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What to expect of your Newborn session

What to expect 

After you reserve your due date with the session fee, you are on my calendar. Here are just a few basic tips.

Due dates are reserved months in advance with a limited number of reserved dates per month. To reserve your due date, payment of the session fee is required (dates will not be held without payment. The session fee is nonrefundable). 

It is best to make contact the day your baby is born! I understand it is a very busy time. If you are unable to get to a phone or computer to contact me, please have a family member do so. I'm sure they will be thrilled to share the news. When you contact me to let me know the baby has arrived, I will give you a firm appointment date. It is BEST to have your baby's session within the first two weeks.

The studio is kept at a balmy 80 degrees to keep the baby nice and warm while in their birthday suit. I recommend dressing in layers so you can peel away the layers if you get warm. Babies pee and poo on everything...including me. Lol. It is to be expected...and often makes for a good laugh. With that said bring a change of clothes should you be on the other end of that accident. 

Newborn sessions can last up to three hours, so please plan accordingly. You may want to pack snacks and make arrangements for siblings if they will be a part of your session, as it can be a long day for them.  Enjoy the 'free' time to rest, Krystal and I will be handling the baby and poses as we are trained and safety is a priority in the studio. Krystal is our Newborn spotter during newborn sessions, but if we have twins we will ask for your assistance. 

I have everything needed for your newborn session. Hats, bonnets, outfits, fancy wraps, and props. If there is a sentimental item you would like included, please let me know ahead of time so I can plan a setup around the item. We will have a planning session beforehand so you can review digital backdrops, or let me know you're bringing an heirloom to incorporate in the session. For example, wedding veils are a big hit in a newborn session. 

‍Other things to bring include a pacifier (even if your baby doesn't use one yet), wipes and diapers, spare bottles, and pumped breast milk or formula. (Babies eat MUCH more than they normally would at a session. It is completely normal.)  While nude photos are adorable and capture the essence of your newborn, nudity is not mandatory.


After your session, you will receive an online proof gallery to choose your photos. You can take as long as you would like to choose your photos. Once I receive your selections, edits can take 2-3 weeks depending on the current workload. If you agree to social media posting, you will receive a sneak peek image within the first week. Hope your as excited as I am. 

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