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Our Future has hope!

Meet Emily Sophia Delgado and Ellie Love Torres, class of 2020 Pre-K graduates. They both showed up at the studio with their mask on, yet unaware of the uncertainty of the world around them. The adults are having a hard time adjusting to the new normal, but these two showed me that they are unphased by it. They laughed, they giggled, they played and they celebrated. Maybe we should all take a step back and look at the world through the eyes of children. You may think life is unfair for them because you are comparing it to your past, but they have nothing to compare their lives too, its just beginning and they are too busy enjoying it. So should we!

Here is a glimpse into their graduation session.

Location: The Knowlton studio #7

Photographer: Zaibel Torres of ZaiPhotography

Special Thank you to Milford Photo for supplying all my paper backdrops, and Knowlton Walls for supply us with enough hope to get the message we wanted out there into the world.


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