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You’re never too old to be young

This is my mom, she has been a widow for almost 20 years and is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. I’m not saying that because she is my mom, ask anyone who knows her.

A few months ago she recieved a Facebook message from Ken who is a widower as well. He was looking to reconnect with family and sought my mom’s help in finding his grandson Anthony, who is also my mom’s grandson. Little did he know that he would fall in love with her. They went from lunch dates to spending every moment together and when they are not together they are on the phone together.

My mom is 75 years old and I have never seen her act like a school girl with butterflies. She is not one to make a fuss about anything, nor ask for things. She always says she’s too old for that, but I beg to differ, she has so much life to her and it resonates in every relationship around her. She’s the life of the party!

You are not too old to fall in love, you are not too old to celebrate life, you should never pass up on what life has to offer you because of your age. They both have so much life in them, and they have so much to teach the world around them about how

you're never too old to be young.

With that said, we are not skipping on anything. The date is set so we went to the CT Audubon Society in Milford, CT and captured her engagement session. I will admit as her daughter I was not crazy about watching her kiss Ken. But to watch her be loved melted my heart.

To watch her laugh and get silly with suggested poses made me laugh. You could see she felt safe and secure with him.

My mom has the most contagious laugh, and when I look at these photo’s I hear her laugh, that’s enough for me.

Congrats Mom and Ken

Photos by Zai

thanks for taking the time to read, please share the love!


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