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A Jesus loving Purity Princess

We were having girl talk at Harbor View Cafe when I asked Kimani how old she was. She responded so proudly, "I'm 23 but only a year old as a Jesus loving Purity Princess".

Twenty three and she wears her faith on her sleeve. I know of many who are "believers" but keep their beliefs silent. Not Kimani, she is not boastful about it either, she's just a genuine person out to love and help people.

She wanted to Celebrate her birthday this year differently and asked if a photoshoot with her girls was possible. All I could think of was our chat about how old she was and it clicked in my head. "Kimani, how about a cake smash like a one year old". Little did I know the extent she would take it. Like a one year old she had her customized "1" t-shirt on and a fluffy pink skirt, looking as cute as can be. But when I walked into the hall I was really taken back by all the little details of her "Tea Party". I must say this was my first tea party and I realized I missed out.

I had to share a few of the details and one of the birthday girl herself because I AM SO PROUD OF HER! And without a doubt I know JESUS is too!

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