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Planning a 1st Birthday?

First birthday's are a big deal. Rightfully so! So I figured I write a blog about what's involved in a cake smash.

This is Gabriel's first birthday and his theme is a jungle theme. Now I know people think I have all the props but that would mean I had a warehouse to store them all. Honestly, I tell all the parents to bring in their party decorations for the session. Keeps me clutter free and each session has a unique flair.

First we start with a simple back drop for photos of the baby all dressed up in their Sunday's finest. This is where I usually invite mom and dad to jump in on a few. Then after a few minutes of photos and the baby has warmed up to the session we change into the official birthday suit. No they are not naked. But they will get covered in cake so most likely they are in something simple. In this case Gabriel is wearing shorts.

Also another important note, I do not provide the cakes. With all the allergies out there, I will not feed your children anything. The most I carry is a juice box in the studio.

Here are a few shots of Gabriel's session, Enjoy!

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