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What is "too girly?"

People tend to shy away from colors that identify a particular sex. I think Pink is one of those colors that gets a bad rep. Someone said to me recently, “it’s too girly”. What does that mean? How can you be too girly? When did we get levels to our feminism? When did being a girl become the lesser valued sex? When did it become a negative mark against us? What kind of message are we sending to the next generation of girls?

Love who you are ladies.

Listen, there are tough girls, there are girls who are sensitive, and there are girls who are smack in between. They are ALL girls, different, but ALL girls. And I am not sure when Pink became the gender color choice for females but I wear it like a badge of honor. Anything that identifies me as female, I’m rocking it proudly. Because women are amazing and we don’t have to pretend to be anything or anyone to get the job done.

My favorite sweat shirt is from ICD clothing and its light pink and has the word “Hustle” on it because that’s what women do. Mom, cook, wife, daughter, sister, chauffeur, life coach, seamstress, milk machine, care giver, boss babes, bloggers, therapist, fire-women, paramedic, doctors, sky divers, journalist, entrepreneurs, politicians. I will stop there because the list could get longer, but you get the point. We are in everything, everywhere, hustling.

So with all that said, Pink is just downright strong and sexy. This year I am offering our Pretty in Pink sessions. Come as you are, with your friends, your mom, your daughters, your sisters, your niece, and yes ladies even your boo. Bring your boys too, let them see you love who you are, that is a beautiful mark to leave on your children.



ZaiPhotography, 305 Knowlton St, Bpt, CT 203.685.5186

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