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Set yourself apart

We all have different styles, techniques and preferences. And that is OK; that is what makes the world so beautiful. Everyone is different and your photos should say that about you. They should say who you are, what you like, where you have been, what you have conquered, what you have failed and how different you are. When you look through your timeline of photos or if your like me and have printed photo albums they should take you back to a time and place, and if they are a really great memory it should trigger your brain to bring back that nostalgic smell of the moment. Does that only happen to me?

You have seen my color shoots, my smoke bombs, the light writing, but now with great advancements in technology I can give you a behind the scene look into the sessions. On my Facebook page and IG I will probably post some clips that I thought were funny so make sure to follow me on the various social media platforms. I love looking back on my blog post and seeing my improvement over the years and the fun I had in discovering my mistakes. For example asking Jeremy out loud in public if I can trust him to handle the bombs, or asking Rebecca to pull the ring on the grenade. Good times.

I find it perfect to call this one set yourself apart because that is exactly what we are doing. Not from the competition as I only compete with who I was yesterday. But more with your photos, they should say who you are so much so that when someone see's your photo they say, "Yeah thats Zai" or in this case, "yeah thats Lori". Lori is daring, and yup.... that is her, belly out, and in the snow. Thanks Lori, you are indeed set apart and your photos show it.

Special thanks to Jeremy Rivera for capturing the videos, my two gorgeous assistants Rebecca Robles and Savanna Burgos and of course my model for this session Lori Burgos.

Photos were taken at Beardsley Park in Bpt, CT by yours truly Zai

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