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How I capture Families

Good morning everyone, Meet Nathi and Rueben. I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful family and I figured I would share how I did it. Scroll down to see my video explaining the process and my 5 go-to tips in capturing a family session.

My Tips for Family photography outdoors

  1. I position the sun behind my subject and rely on my flashpoint light and octabox to light them up. Fill up all those harsh shadows.

  2. The family session is not about making the parents happy, its about the little ones who you know will not cooperate. In this session, it's about the baby. In all family sessions, it is going to be about the youngest of the bunch. Finding her comfort zone, capturing her smiles and mom and dad work around them.

  3. Making the best of your time in the moments where the baby or children are not cooperating. You can't take photos all day, so you have to snap away small details to make the best of your time as well as capture moments otherwise gone.

  4. Location: I don't know about you but I don't have any huge fields of flowers around me so I look for ideal spots that will give that illusion. In this video, we are sitting in an empty patch between two very small flower beds giving it the illusion that they are sitting in this magical field of flowers.

  5. And lastly make the session unique to the couple. Every session should be different, yeah you can use the same poses but infuse mom, dads, or the babies' personality into it. If mom is a singer use musician props, if dad is a fireman then tell him to bring his gear. Get to know your clients well enough to incorporate their personality into their session.

What to wear to a photoshoot?

Earthtone colors, avoid graphic tee's, you don't need to have matching outfits, just colors that blend together nicely.

If you have questions

Music: Shine On Instrumental by Elektronomia

Filmed on iPhone 11

Equipment used

Canon 5Diii85mm canon lens25-75mm tamron lensFlashpoint Xplor 300 with Glow octabox for filling up shadows.


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