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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Let's cook for the cause! For Domestic Violence Awareness month, Kimmy is using her platform and cooking skills to bring an unforgettable awareness that will feed your entire family for days!

You can be apart of it too! I will be there so join me!

Here is what you have to do.

Go to her Facebook event page and let her know that you are GOING.

You can make your donations here>>>> ANY SIZE DONATION YOU WANT!

Once registered get your shopping list ready and log on to the zoom call that Kim will provide for those who register.

Shopping List


  • Large Sauce Pot

  • Blender

  • Large Stirring spoon

  • ½ up of vegetable oil

  • Garlic Salt, Garlic Pepper, Salt , Pepper

  • 3 Large Containers of Fresh Basil

  • 8 Cans of Pealed Plum Tomato’s- could use different brands- open and ready

  • 2 lbs Sweet or Hot Sausage  your preference- cut into pieces

  • 2-4 boneless pork chops – cut into pieces

  • 2 Ibs of a flank or skirt  steak – cut into pieces

  • Garlic, lots of fresh garlic – need to have pealed and ready – about 20-30 cloves (2 bulbs)


  • 3 Ibs of Ground sirloin or beef

  • 1 Ibs of parmesan cheese grated

  • Garlic salt, garlic pepper, salt, pepper, fresh or dried parsley

  • Ritz crackers – one sleeve – crushed up into crumbs

  • Seasoned bread crumbs 1-2 cups

  • 1-2 cups milk

OCTOBER 28, 2020 @6:30


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