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MUA Challenge Time to vote

I had a few phone calls and text that they couldn’t wait for this day to finally come.

The MUA challenge.

This all started out because Ashley & Yvette wanted to do something fun. They recruited our new make up artist Ademarie Cruz, and she was such a great sport. All the kids were in the studio watching in amazement and my granddaughter Ellie had no issues with stepping into the game. She was born with a camera in her face so not a shy bone in her body. Hence the MUA competition/ kids edition was born.

At the end of the video you will see a link on the upper right hand corner to allow you to vote for your favorite Artist. At the 4 minute mark you will see a link to vote. Since the trailer aired people have been calling asking for Ellie’s creative flare for their next event but unfortunately she is not taking clients right now. She feels she needs to grow more in the MUA field before making it a business. In the meantime please feel free to contact Ademarie Cruz for your Make up needs. You can find her on FB and Instagram as @ademariemua & Facebook@ Ademarie Cruz MUA. And let’s not forget to follow Ashley from “Beauty by Ashley Delgado” on FB and IG.

If you want to be apart of the fun subscribe and let me know who you are.

Above all else the timing is perfect as it seals the month of April, and if you didn’t know it April is “Child abuse prevention month”. In today’s day, it’s hard for woman to balance their careers and home. Most moms have to work two to three jobs, and some are single trying to raise their family. And children are consequently left in the care of family members, day care providers, friend and sadly at times unattended. Child abuse rarely comes from a stranger, and many parents are left struggling with depression and anxiety because they felt they couldn’t protect their offspring.

In watching this video I can’t help but feel blessed that there were so many children on the set. There is one particular clip where you see three little girls sitting and watching attentively and in awe of the ladies doing their thing. It was a long day for them but they loved it because they were included. Owning my own business I have this privilege to allow all the little minions in the studio and I get to watch them like the grandma hawk that I am. And it’s important to me that they all reflect back on their childhood and smile and say how great it was. Not all companies allow these privileges to everyone. So everyday a child is put at risk.

With that said, please share this post and on your social media hashtag #stopchildabuse. You won’t believe how much could change by just making people aware. Not just this month but everyday. If you see something that looks like child abuse report it. Let children grow up with their innocence the way God intended it. On April 29th join me in wearing a blue shirt to bring awareness.

For more information on how you can join the fight against child abuse:

Enjoy the show and scroll down for the Yvette's gallery.

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