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The colorful Mommy and Me

There is so much to share about this session. First let me introduce you to Elaine the brains behind the business “Tutu Maria”, if you don’t follow her on social media, take a moment to look her up and hit like, and follow. She provides the entire collection of tutu’s we use for our Annual Mommy and Me sessions.

People are always reluctant to sign up for a session during winter. Believe it or not this is done in the spring; however it snowed that morning which is why we worked in the snow. It was about 40 degrees out that evening and the snow was melting. The color powder is the same powder used in the festivals of Holi. They are extremely bright and I was ecstatic that Elaine was willing to play with Maria and get downright messy with color.

The video was not planned. Jeremy stood nearby filming on his iPhone 8, so once I was done editing we pieced it together. I do get a little emotional at the end when Maria kisses her mommy so gently. The video doesn’t just capture the session but it captures how genuine the bond is between mom and daughter. The laughter, the hugs, and the kisses resulted with the great smiles you see in their photos. They had fun while I snapped away, that was all to it.

Some people feel like they are not photogenic and I beg to differ. I think they are really like me, when someone says, “say cheese”. I put so much attention on my facial expression the tension puts the muscles in my face in protest. But those candid photos…. BAM, I’m gorgeous. And you can be too, just call me and I will capture you and your family at play.

Enjoy the video

Taken in Trumbull CT private residence

Photography done by yours truly Zai

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