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This is us! 50 years

This is us! 50 years later

I met Carmen Plumey on the day of our session, I was hired by their daughter Yolanda who said I would love her parents; and sure enough I do. I knew from the moment I met her she already envisioned how this session was going to play out, and how the images were going to look. And like magic we were discussing her vision like two school girls.

Me: Carmen, if you tell me what you want I will make it happen.

Carmen: You know what I envision?

Me: Please tell me

Carmen: Well I am going to tell you what I want. I want a picture where my husband grabs me and dips me and kisses me passionately like they do in the 'novelas' (with her Spanish accent)

Me: (Full Smile) Let's do it!

Carmen clasped her hands together as trying to contain her excitement and I looked at her husband and said, "are you ready for this?" he nodded, smiled and said, "my wife is young at heart"

Me: How did you meet?

Carmen: Well its a long story, but in 1966, I had a dream I met my husband. I did not know Gilberto, but the next day we met and I knew. It was love at first sight. I knew God told me Gilberto would be my husband. In 1969 we married!

Four children, and fifty years later...

The love and passion is still very much alive and well. As you can see.

Enjoy Carmen & Gilberto Plumey's "This is us" sneak peak preview.


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