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The Hairniquellc Experience

This is Nicole, and she is one entrepreneur to reckon with. You can find all the details of her business,

I am excited to announce that "Lyun's Plus-Size" Magazine published not one, but ten ZaiPhotography Images.

This is Nicole, and she is one entrepenuer to reckon with. You can find all the details of her business, Hariniquellc here.

She is committed to providing her customers with the finest products all of which are of premium and luxurious quality. So I was honored when she called me to capture her vision.

So much went into this session, and now that the magazine is published I can finally share. First, it was incredible to work with such an amazing team. Tanisha Godbolt-Sanders of Mane Versatility LLC took care of all the amazing Hair looks that Nicole Rocked!

Tamel S. Holloway the founder and owner of Tamel H Artistry is the magic behind the Makeup.

The vision planning was all Nicole and the clothing was designed by KK Customs and manufactured by La Zila Manufacturing.

I also invited my good friend and talented artist Heidi A. Burgos, who specializes in boudoir photography to tag team this amazing venture. You can find Heidi here.

We all met at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Downtown Bridgeport and started planning the vision. The funny thing is that everything we initially planned did not plan out the way wanted to. But as you can see it worked out better than we imagined. Most of the posing was thought up on the spot and Nicole was an amazing model.

As you can see it took a team, and what an amazing team this was. It was serious work, but we had such a great time and laughed through it all. It did not feel like work at all. I hope to do it all again with the same team.

With that said, I had to share a few of my favorites with you all. But if you love me, you will go online and get a copy of the magazine.

Get your copy here!


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