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Mr & Mrs Alfonso

How they met

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso. I actually had the honor of being present the day Julio met Krystal. Julio is a longtime friend and Krystal is my little cousin. I had planned a girl’s trip to Miami that literally ended up being the kind of story you could make a comedy movie about. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong, yet it went so right, if that makes any sense.

The shuttle at the airport arrived late and on the wrong side of the airport so we had to run through JFK to arrive in Miami exhausted and find one of our pieces of luggage was devoured by a conveyor belt at the Miami airport. We made it to Miami and our girl trip was about to begin. It was my sister Marla, my cousin Mireya, Krystal and I. Julio heard about the great deal we received so he joined our vacation getaway with a close friend Marcial.

I wish I could tell you all the events that happened on this trip, but what happens on our girl’s trips stays in whatever destination it happened at. Needless to say Julio and Krystal got to know each other as friends. There was no flirting, so I can’t even say I saw this coming. All I remember is Krystal calling me to ask me about Julio a few months later because she ran into him again. She was impressed on how confident he was in his approach of asking her out. The rest is their story to tell.

I have always considered Julio family, now he’s married into it. All that to say something good came out of that trip.

The Day

There is no better organizer than Krystal. She had her day down to a science and she knew what she wanted and successfully exceeded my expectations as well as the guest.

We met at Luscious & Co. where she was getting her hair and makeup done. This Salon is amazing as they have Bridal suites there for all your Bridal needs. They also have the magical hands of Dieka Diaz, in whom I have had the privileged of working with on many occasions. She leaves me with little to no work on blemish correction, or make up flaws. He work speaks for itself and it last. Her hair was done by Jerica. This was actually my first time working with her, but I will say this, at the end of the night Krystal’s hair was still perfect. I don’t know how to even describe it, it was elegant and it looked like a braid but yet it wasn’t. It was just perfection.

The First look

As soon as Krystal was ready, Julio was waiting at the venue. Krystal and Julio had reserved the artist building 415 Howe Ave. It was a location that spoke to the look and atmosphere that Krystal and Julio were looking for. It had a rustic industrial charm; every chair was different yet handpicked by the bride herself giving it a personal charm that struck your heart upon seeing.

Julio was waiting for Krystal to arrive and I stood by waiting to capture it all, once all the romantic pleasantries were over Lola the building manager took us on a scenic tour of the building. Starting from the roof top working our way back down to the hall where the ceremony would take place.

As the guest arrived Krystal and Julio greeted them all with warm hello’s and an invitation for a photo with the bride and groom. As soon as the clock struck 3:00 we took our last photo and everyone was in position. May I also add, this is the first punctual wedding I have done. The ceremony was breathtaking as the second the music signaled Krystal for her entrance was the moment that Julio was off the clock of busyness and he took a deep breath of the moment and turned around to wipe his tears, but there was no hiding the red nose. Everyone with a front row view joined him in his tears of joy.

Reception followed at Ola Restaurant in Milford CT, and they lived Happily Ever After.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Alfonso, I am so happy for you both.

Hair and Makeup: Luscious & Co Make up by Dieka Diaz and Hair by Jerica

Ceremony Venue: 415 Howe

Rings: Brides: Aj Klein Jewelers , Groom’s ring and cuff links designed by Julio Alfonso created by Pikesville Jewelry Designs

Catering and Reception Venue: Ola Restaurant in Orange CT.

DJ: Marco Diaz of Beauty & the Beats

Photography: Zaibel Torres of ZaiPhotography assisted by Jose Torres.

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