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Let's talk Prints- Special offer

Did you know that your gallery is a store?

Thats right! It has always been a store.

Here is the question I get often,

"What's included in my session?"

Here is the answer:

  • A specially planned session

  • A Photographer eye and time

  • Paper backdrops to fit your theme

  • Editing (which is an art)

  • And social media images.

That is part of the package. But, here is the part that I want to emphasize.

Social media images are not print quality images.

You can't upload them to a store and ask for a canvas. You can with High resolution files, but not social media images. They are web resolution sizes. Perfect for social media. Please don't print them. Your wall art is my chance to display my art, therefore you need top quality printing done.


Well your in luck, cause I have a special promotion going on right now. All you have to do is go into your gallery, select your images, add to cart and at the coupon code plug in. To get the coupon code keep scrolling...

If you deleted your email with your gallery link (uh oh)

No worries, send me an email and I will resend you your gallery.

This offer expires April 30th, 2021 and not to be combined with any other offers by ZaiPhotography.

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