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How I created this image| 13 stacked photos

I'm a huge fan of @Neil Redfern and he did this session with a bride. I was inspired and had to give it a try. I learned so much. For one my flash did not trigger for all the shots making it hard to select images. But once I selected all that had the same exposure I went in with his simple steps to edit. I made a YouTube video showing you how it was done. This is TEN images compressed into one, as that scarf was long but not that long. I am Showing all my mistakes in which I hope you learn from and avoid. Lol As Promised, Go to to reserve the boathouse, or studio space for your next session. They have amazing spaces to be inspired in.

This is called


Though the sun is rising as it would any other day

The horizon is much brighter today

Though we may be walking the same path as every other day

We’re stepping differently because finally,

we see someone who looks like me

Someone who looks like us

Run, don’t walk Because the race is on

Women have spent years waiting and now we have the baton

- Kimberly Cruz Lopez

Special thanks to model @ademariemua for modeling and

@theknowlton for allowing me to use the massive boathouse for my vision

Photo taken @theknowlton 8000 square foot boat house.

Edited in Photoshop, this is a stacked photo of thirteen photos.

Taken by Zaibel Torres of ZaiPhotography @ocfportraits @godoxlighting Canon R6 Canon R6 kit lens #zaiphotography#canon#photoshoot#creative portraits #ocfportraits#godoxlighting#lifestylephotography#creativematernity#stackedphotoshop#girlsrock#knowltonboathouse#clickinmoms#creativephotography.

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