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Can't stop LOVE 3/21/20

Meet Celia and Tim. They were married on 03/21/20. They met when they were children at an annual church retreat their families attended. It wasn't till the college years where Tim was interning in NY that the friendship blossomed and Celia and Tim started their long-distance relationship. Two years later Timothy took Celia back to the spot of their original first date, Coney Island, and asked Celia to be his wife.

Then came the next big decision for the couple to face, do they postpone the wedding?

They decided to say "I do" despite what was happening around them and I must admit I was impressed by the young love birds on their decision to move forward with it. Love is a commitment not a feeling. The wedding is the decision to move forward in that commitment, not a party. In the moments I spoke with Celia before her big day, it was clear to me that this wedding wasn't for the guest, it was for the biggest greatest decision of her life and she was ready.

So they said, "I do", exchanged rings and hand sanitizer and are ready to face whatever the world dishes at them as a team. I have a good feeling about these two.

Here's a preview into the March 21, 2020 wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Burkholder.

“Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise.

Bridal Party

Maid of honor- Stacey Gibson

Best man- Tyler Wenger

Groomsmen- Brent Sensenig

Ring bearer- Andrew Miller

Sign holder- Caleb Miller

Vendor Highlights

Wedding Dress

Rights by Brilliant Earth

Programs provided by Shutterfly

Hair and Make up Jahaira Beauchamp Creative Venue and Rentals, LLC

Reception and reception decor

Shauna Lopes DJ Paulo Lopes Food David Grant Catering Florist for bridal bouquet by Ashley Russell Cake by Hunk and Mimi Cakes


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