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All Red Session with Beauty by Ashley Delgado | Lighting Tips

Are you following my youtube channel?

I am sharing all the tips I have learned from the Pros throughout the years.

Last night I called the talented Ashley Delgado and asked her if she was willing to do an all red shoot. Red hat, red dress, red backdrop. Could there be too much red? Yes, if you don't get the lighting right! And I wanted a dramatic look for this session. (Mission accomplished)

With that said I decided to show you the process using only one light in four different ways to get the depth and contrast that we achieved with the below photos.

Watch the video to see the process and scroll below to see the full gallery.

Be sure to follow Beauty by Ashley Delgado for the full tutorial on how she accomplished this look:

Kylie cosmetics - Victoria lipstick and maple concealer #kyliecosmetics

Selena gomez - rare beauty foundation #selenagomez

Becca cosmetics - champagne pop highlight #beccacosmetics

Eyeshadow- She used two palettes one from Moria cosmetics and one from Kara beauty


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