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I am going to share a little story about my friend Celeste.

I remember the day I met Celeste, so full of attitude and confidence. She has no idea how much she impacted my life by just allowing me to watch from the side lines. I had the privilege of knowing her story in a ministry that we both joined together, called Purity and Peace.

I will never forget the look on Celeste face in class two when we discussed the Body is the temple. It hit her the way it hit me and it changed us both. Celeste was already in her relationship with Quest and she bravely decided to take the walk of purity. I knew she loved Quest and quite honestly I knew they were going to get married. However Celeste at the time thought that her commitment would mean she was going to be single. She was risking her heart with her decision. What I did not expect was her commitment to flourish in other areas of her life. She blossomed but so did everyone in her circle, including Quest.

This past weekend I captured their wedding day, but the photo below is from when they first recited their vows at citywide church in the year of the pandemic. Why? Because Celeste prayed and asked God when was she going to get married and he gave her the date. The pandemic meant nothing in compared to the covenant relationship they were about to embark together as husband and wife. Her vows were in the secret place, to honor God.

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Not even a pandemic would silence the vows they prepared.

One year later they reshared their vows but this time to the world and Celeste did something beautiful. Right before her "I do" she turned to her little sister and gave her, her purity ring. She seized this moment to make a public declaration of her commitment to God and passing it on to her sister. She even turned to all her guest and said, "We are here because of God" and Quest stood proudly by her side through it all. There is something to be said of a man who will honor a woman's oath to God and walk out their faith together.

I can't tell you how proud I am of this girl. She had the strength and courage to walk out her faith and I get to witness the fruit of it all. Their story is only beginning but it has God's fingerprint all over it.

Here are a few photos from the day of the wedding this past weekend. The wedding day that marked the hearts of onlookers. The first was for God, the second for the guest, and as a guest I will say it benefited me to be there and see it all.

Congrats to this happily married couple, may God keep your union strong.

Cake: Jessica Gonzalez

Decorations: Bride and her family artistic gifts


Videoagraphy: Sky Cinema Films

Officiant: Pastor John of Citywide


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