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What's next in 2019

My wish for you for this coming New year!

I hope you find peace with past. I hope you find the courage to leave the past in the past. I hope you love the way you wished you were loved. I hope you laugh more this year than ever before. I hope you abandon every toxic relationship. I hope that in the moments of loneliness you seek friendship. I hope That you learn no one is exempt from suffering. I hope you master perseverance, That you endure like a champ! And when life knocks you down you get back up. I hope when life gets hard you learn the power of prayer. That you forgive the way you wish to be forgiven but above all else that you find a deep intimate relationship with God. In reality that's all that matters as every hopeful wish will follow. I pray you have a wonderful 2019.

Be sure to subscribe to our website as we are opening "Classic White Studio" mini sessions EVERY MONTH on top of our normal mini session calendar. More to be announced.

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