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Mommy & Me sessions

Why book a mini session?

This is probably my favorite session, although it was a great deal of work. But you have no idea the great feeling I get inside when people flood me with messages that they received their photos and they love them so much.

So here is some insight into the event. Every year I coordinate with Elaine the owner and founder of Tutu Maria’s. She prepares various sizes and colors of tutu’s for our moms to wear that day. If you are interested in purchasing a tutu for your session you can via this link:

Then I try to keep it interesting and change the setting from year to year. This year we had a solid white tee pee with a white rose garland draping it. The next set up was a wooden swing that we wrapped with pink and orange rose garlands. And the last was our tiny carousel horse that won the hearts of all the little ones.

A great deal of time and set up is required for the mini sessions that is why they are on their scheduled days. Mommy & Me with tutu magic only comes once a year. So be sure to subscribe to my website to stay informed. There will be other mini sessions like “Summer and Sand” and our next popular session “The Diva Session”. As they are scheduled you will get an email notification so you wont miss it. All you have to do is secure your time slot online. You will get a separate email with an invoice to secure with a 25.00 deposit. Get dressed up, and show up. Its 15 minutes of your time that you will frame forever.

With your session you get a gallery of 10-15 images but you select your favorite five that you get for free.

And please utilize your mini session for anything, from engagement, reveals to birthdays and etc. You are not obligated to use the tutu's or the setting. Take advantage of the 15 minutes of modeling. You can't beat the price.

Why do I do mini sessions? I get calls often for photos but I cant take on every session.Your weekends off are normally my work week and I would like not to sacrifice on my family time. This is why I started offering mini sessions. This was a sold out session and you will see why.

Here is a preview of each session below.


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