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My new residence

I cannot tell you how excited I am...

to share the news. I am officially a resident of the 305 Knowlton Art Studios in Bridgeport CT. Marlene Hernandez and I share a studio on the 2nd floor of this artistic empire. I'm telling you there is no way to walk out of the studio uninspired so its perfect for ZaiPhotography.

On April 27th the artist are planning an art show called "No Vacancy" and ZaiPhotography will be displaying her favorite pieces in the gallery and I will open the studio for an "Open House" so be sure to save the date. This will be an event you do not want to miss as ALL the artist of the studio will be collaborating and providing you with quite the exhibit of arts.

I will send out an invite as I am excited to invite you all to come out and see our new space and introduce you to all this hidden talent right here in Bridgeport CT. I am talking Mind blowing art, so SAVE THE DATE!

I will keep you all informed.

See below my first clients in the studio

Elias and Meagan March 3, 2018

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