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The Wedding Chronicles Part 1

Planning a wedding is hard work, but the guest list can come close to killing you. Last month I sat with my girlfriends having dinner and one of the girls, lets call her Lisa. You know, to protect the innocent. Well, Lisa was practically in tears venting how hard it was to not offend the people she loved. Two families were becoming one and she had planned the wedding of her dreams and it was turning into the nightmare with the amount of people calling her completely upset because either the kids weren't invited, or they couldn't take a plus one, or they were simply not invited. Then I said something pretty dumb to say to her in that delicate state, "Wait till you see the amount of people who RSVP not show up". Oh the stress of it all!

I really wish people were a little more sympathetic with the Bride and Groom. Weddings are expensive and they have a limit to the amount of people you can invite without driving yourself into the dark whole of depression from the debt of it all. With that said I am introducing my new video series "The Wedding Chronicles". Here is video #1,

"A Message to the Guest"

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