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You either cry or laugh.

I had to share yet another session with you all. Sandra called me up to schedule a session for her 40th Birthday and I was more than excited in saying yes. Adult cake smashes are always great. But there was a cloud glooming over the day we scheduled. So much planning and shopping, I didn't want to disappoint her with rescheduling since this session was going to be held outside at Booth Memorial Park in Stratford.

The Session started out great, every photographers dream come true weather... overcast. But slowly but surely that gloomy dark cloud got closer and darker.

We had just finished the first half of the session which was modeling in her dress, but now it was time to change her clothes and take out the cake. And while she changed the skies grew dark and a large crackle of thunder roared sending me to seek refuge in the toll booth. Sandra was so happy I don't think it phased her that it literally rained on her parade. But that didn't stop her she said, "what are you going to do, you either cry or laugh, lets laugh" and thats exactly what we did. We laughed the entire time. She even made the rain a part of her session as you can see below.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Location: Booth Memorial Park Stratford

Cake: Sweet Treats in DT Bpt

Model: Our gorgeous and wise birthday girl Sandra

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