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Don't be that person


"I have to lose weight first"

"I don't look right today"

"I don't like taking pictures"

"I'm not photogenic"

"I'm not dressed for it"

We live so hindered by what others think of us. Think about it...

1.You don't want people to see you have put on extra weight.

2.You don't want people to think you let yourself go

3.You don't want people to make fun of your pictures

4.You don't think your beautiful and you don't want to share that with the world around you.

5. You don't want people to see you at your supposedly worse.

Do you know what age teaches?

That you only get this moment once, by the time you loose weight your kids are older and wondering why your not in any pictures.

That today you look amazing.

That your picture will be the only memory someone who loves you has.

That your smile emanates so much that its the focal point.

That you let what others think rob you of a life better worth living.

The sad reality is that we get out of school and we think the bullying is over, but it never is. Someone will pick at something and make you feel horrible about it. And everyone has a turn at it, no one is exempt. But you do have a choice to choose whether or not to give that person the power to affect how you see you. And let your kids see that you love you so much that comments and ridicule don't phase you and you will see that they will want to be like you, not America's top model. Because you emanate confidence and security. Thats a life lesson school won't teach your children.

This is me...

I'm a grandmother

I'm a mom

I'm a wife

A photographer

An entrepenuer

A daughter

A friend

and at times a teacher.... But when I look back at my children's photo albums its like I didn't exist. Yet there is so much to love about me. I have a few that I am scared to death of loosing. Don't make the same mistake. I just designed my granddaughters 1st birthday album and I made it a point to make sure I was in a few pages. I want to be remembered. You know the saying... out of sight out of mind. Don't let that be you.

That is Ellie and I. My first grandchild.

I didn't pick the best photo, I picked the photo that we were both genuinely laughing. That is how I want to be remembered. In my work clothes, hair a mess although i did hide it with the balloons a little, but seizing the moment for a photograph that made her so happy.

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