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Well my dynamic duo are at it again, Ashley and Deika were looking for model and they found one.

This is Jessica Colon, and I will say these photos fit her well. Don't look at the caution tape and read it in a negative way. Its quite the contrary, Jessica has a talent that will bring you to your knees. She is one of the worship singers at Citywide church and has a unique voice.

Its not the typical American Idol voice, although I think if she applied she would win it. Maybe its not the voice at all, but the heart and raw emotion she pours out in worship that penetrates your soul leading you, yourself into worship.

When I see these photos, I can picture a post card delivered to the doorway of hell warning, "What you meant to harm, God meant for good."

Photos locations:

Wall of Fame for the graffiti artist on Boston Ave, Bpt

Downtown Bridgeport area by Majestic Theatre

Hair: Ashley Delgado of Beauty by Ashley

Make up: Deika Diaz of Beauty and the Beats

Photography by: Zai

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