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The making of Creative Twist episode 1

This is a work in progress...

I love what I do because each photo has a story. And above anything else, I am known to friends and family as the story teller. Even when I describe a book, I get so carried away with the visuals of my mind that people believe I described a movie.

So how did this get started? I got bored. I have to be honest. When my brain feels like its in a routine I have to find something new. So I started watching YouTube tutorials on photography and found myself saying, "I can do this" and it sounded like so much fun I couldn't wait to get started. I am surrounded by talent and I wanted to do something that would showcase these talents but ignite the creative piece of my mind. I wanted stories that would woo me, something I knew I would want to capture. I wanted to hold a picture in my hand and say, "let me tell you how this picture came about".

The winter months are particularly slow for photography, so now is the time. First person I called was the man who handed me my first camera, Miguel Angel Gomez of Mila Designs. And to my surprise he was just as excited about it. The following day after careful thought I placed an ad on Facebook calling on all Make Up Artist. I asked them to submit their ideas in story format and within hours I had stories from several artist. For each story submitted I felt like my head was on fire working overtime on what I would do to capture the story with a creative twist. By the way thats how the name of the series came to be, I just kept saying, "I need a creative twist" and just like that the name was born.

January 14, 2017 we all got together and filmed our first episode. Its a short 7 min video and we had a great time. I can't wait to do the others as this will turn out to be a friendly competition between artist. I'm hoping to get all these episodes filmed and out there to allow people to vote for their favorite artist and story.

Here is the first episode with the artist Deika Diaz and Model Krystal Velez where they are piecing together one story with two looks, a good queen by day and evil by night. I am a little impatient in sharing as I really love this project. Listen to what Deika has to say.

Show your support and please share this video.

Creative Twist Episode 1

Special Credits go to

Jose A Torres my husband and biggest supporter

Miguel Angel Gomez for his video skills

Music in this video is by Lindsay Stirling, Crystalized and Caged Bird

Always looking for people who are interested in being apart of such projects and of course comments and feedback are always welcomed.

Cast your VOTE

Audience can respond at

Text messaging

Audience texts GUTSYAPPLE534 to 22333 to join the session, then they text

A. Artist One

B. Artist Two

C. Artist Three

Please cast your votes after you have seen all the artist.

Thanks for subscribing and watching.

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