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I just want one picture

Angelika Porto

If there is one request I get often it's, "How much for one picture?"

I wish it was easily answered with a yes or no. This has to be explained. So I figured I start with Angelika, my little cousin who modeled for the picture in this blog entry. This has to be picture #205 of our session. Thats right, we were out for a full hour before we got to this picture. One hour, 350 images, and at the end only 25 images for her gallery.

I wish people understood the workflow behind photography. I don't use a point and shoot camera, I actually take the time to go through the manual settings.

For example this shot is a high shutter speed creation. I wanted to capture as much detail as possible without the blur of her movement. In order to capture that, I had to manually set it on my camera. If not her face and upper body would be a blur.

All my images are taken in the RAW format, not a jpg so I can't just transfer them onto CD once at the office. I have to go through each photo, zoom in on them, make sure its perfectly clear. Enhance colors, remove shadows, crop, adjust the temperature...and so much more.

After all, when you share your photo's your sharing my artwork. So at the end of the day your home is my gallery, and your social media site is free advertisement for me. So of course it has to be perfect, its a reflection of my work. Your friends could possibly be my next client so I can't give you that blurry photo that you thought was good. If I had taken Angelika to the park and took one picture of her we would never had come to this image. And if she only wanted one picture then I would be cheated out of hours of work for her only to select one photo. Which is why we have packages.

Trust me I understand, I want to go to the park and click the trigger once on my camera and call it day. But as you see from my blog post above, its just not that easy.

Have a great day everyone.

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