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Royal Sweet Sixteen

There comes a moment where you look at your baby girl and realize she's no longer a little girl. She's officially a young lady, and you might never be ready for it but it will happen.

Amaya turned sixteen in what seems like a blink of an eye and it was time to celebrate it.

With that said, Asia, her beautiful mom, called me up and I was asked to capture her milestone moment. Where she would walk into the venue wearing shoes appropriate for a little girl, and have a seat on her princess throne where her father would take a knee, remove her flats and place her into her heels symbolizing the moment her parents realize she's no longer a little girl. Then her mom would place her tiara on her head and seal the moment with a gentle kiss on her forehead before her dad takes her for her first dance as a young lady. The crown symbolizing she has reached a level of wisdom and as a princess will be held accountable for her choices and actions.

Like a royal princess to much is given much is expected.

To many its just a party, but its more than that to the hearts that hold Amaya in high regard. The moment is priceless. Enjoy the gallery.

Instagram Venders 

@Buddhaluvjonz - DJ

@jkbounceanddecoration - decorator/catering 

@mushonda_hall - Hair Stylist

@ultimateusalon - salon

@lovelycakesct - cake 

@makemeupdanielle - make up artist

Venue: 305 Knowlton Artist Boat House

Photography by yours truly!


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