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April 1st The first wedding of the Year

April 1st was amazing, and I am not fooling you. It was every photographers dream, and overcast day where I didn't have to fight with the sun and its harsh shadows. A gorgeous bride and groom and a church and venue that is literally a photographers playground. With that said I have to share with you a behind the scenes look and give you some details of all the vendors that made this day special for our bride and groom.


I, Zai, of ZaiPhotography was the papperazzi assigned to the bride and Miguel Angel Gomez of Mila Design assigned the groomsmen. We had to make sure not an angle was missed, so this was a tag team event and so much fun to do.

Make up:

Deika Diaz of Beauty and the Beats Email:

Deika is a walking photoshop for all my brides, need I say more of her talent? Just look at the bride!

Hair Stylist:

Magaly Ortiz of Hair Studio 22

I must say, that hair, stayed in tact all night.


DJ DIGGA Roger Martinez Email:

The dance floor was never empty and the music definately kept me moving.


Victoria of Hunk & Mimi Cakes Email:

I'm always amazed by the presentation of the cakes provided by the very talented Hunk & Mimi. And never disappointed by the taste.


St Mary's Church located on 25 Sherman St. Bpt. CT. The ceremony was definately beautiful and the chapel itself was a work of art.

And last but not least, our play ground, the Venue:

The Aqua Turf Club see venue details on

Enjoy the slide show below

Bride and Groom

Mr & Mrs Febo

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